Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EVALUATION- 8; Looking back at the prelim, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Here are the same two shots from our prelim and final film. theses shots are showing how our final film shot is better than the prelim film.

our prelim shot of getting out of the room 

Duplicate (thriller film) of getting out of the room 
close up of opening the door 

Mise-en-scene for our prelim was in college in the toilets, and in the class room (where the body is). Whereas For our actual thriller the setting was in sanchita’s house (group member), we filmed in the bed room, kitchen, bathroom and the living room. Our prelim and thriller were a bit indistinguishable when it came to the dead body. The Props we used for our prelim was blood, whereas for our thriller the prop we used was the wig, cups, and so on.

Sound that was used for our prelim was diegetic (this was the character saying 'NOO') there was also non diegetic sound which was the music on the background. We also used diegetic and non diegetic sound for our final film as well e.g. the diegetic of the tape and of the making of the tea, and the non diegetic for the background to add a thrilling feel.

 And For editing our prelim we used dawdling motion, However for our thriller we used transitions.

For both we used different camera shots like close up, mid shots, over the shoulder shot, point of view shot etc. however as shown above of the two similar shots, you can see how we improved it, for example in the prelim we did not use a close up when she is actually Turing off the light or even opening the door, whereas in the final film of Delicate we used similar tracking however we used a close up of her hand opening the door.  

                                                                  Here is our prelim: 

and here is our final thriller duplicate: 


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