Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EVALUATION: 8) Looking back at the prelim, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Before we created our prelim film, we made an animatic with Jelly Babies which helped us plan the shots to be taken. We created a prelim for practise and to familiarise ourselves with the equiptment and the shot angles. It was also for practising our editing skills, so we could get used to using Final Cut Pro.
We also created storyboards for every film we made. Comparing the prelim storyboard to the final films storyboard, I can see that the shots we used had a a lot of variety. We used many angles and knew that we had to to take more shots just in case the other was not right when we started editing.
At the time we edited our preliminary film, we were very excited as we were more familiar with the technologies used and we also included sound for the first time. Our film had a very eerie atmosphere and this is exactly what we wanted to do. At the end we were very satisfied with the film we had created.
A reminder of our prelim:
Looking back on our prelim I think we could've done a better job with the cuts and continuity. Watching our final film and our prelim and comparing them I realised there is a bigger difference than I had previously thought. Everything was different, from the angles we took the shots in to our editing skills.
Here is a short animation I made to compare the shots of our prelim and final film.
Throughout the year my knowledge of the cinema audience has expanded immensely. Thrillers were not suitable for the younger audience as they might be frightened of the plot or characters. But they also do not understand the psychological element of the story as the older generation.
Films are divided into genres as we all know. However, within those categories, there are sub genres which specifically tell us what the films are based on. For example; psychological thrillers, politics, romantic thrillers etc.
Overall, I have learnt a lot on the concept of the film industry and cinema. My knowledge had expanded majorly and I have learnt how to use the programmes Final Cut Pro, HandBrake, Soundtrack Pro, LiveType and many more. I think I have improved my skills on Final Cut Pro since the prelim.
The mise-en-scene has been improved. The costume looks much better in our final. In Duplicate the costume looks more sinister but fashionable.
I enjoyed blogging as there were various things to do such as add videos and presentations and not only text. We had to be creative which made it very enjoyable.
I also learnt the things I could improve on. Such as, working on headspace when shooting and decreasing the sound of the unnecessary digetic sounds.
My team worked really well throughout the whole process. We spoke to each other on professional levels and everyones opinions were considered. We edited the films together so we all were happy with the film. We were organised as we arranged suitable times and dates to meet each.

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