Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EVALUATION - 8 - Looking back at the prelim , what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Before creating our final opening we made a prelim. The purpose of the prelim was to help us get used to the equipment such as the camera and the editing process. I think that overall I have learnt a lot from the time that the prelim was created up to now.

The first step in creating both our prelim and final openings was to start planning exactly what we wanted to film. For both films me and the rest of group 6 brainstormed [on a sheet] our individual ideas for the opening , then we decided on the idea we thought was the best. 

For both films the next step was to create a storyboard. This consisted of drawn out shots of what we would like to shoot and how it would fit together as a film. A storyboard helped the group know exactly what we wanted to shoot.

One shot from our animatic
For our prelim we created an animatic of still photos. This was made by using jelly babies  , to represent people and other things such as stationary for doors and other props. We took pictures of the jelly babies on a still camera which saved them to the memory card , which was then transferred onto the video drive and to Final Cut Pro for us to edit. By creating an animatic we basically had a digital storyboard in which we could go back to if we forgot shots or to just generally help us remember. Even after the success of the animatic we did not create one for our final film . I think this was because we had a very detailed storyboard and an animatic was not necessary. However when we did forget shots an animatic would of been helpful but the storyboard was good enough.

The next thing to do was to plan how and when we would shoot. For the prelim we were given an hour and forty minutes to shoot , so planning was quick and not very detailed , as we knew what to do in the space that we had. However for our final film we did a larger plan. Our first plan was brief - it just included times and shots. But this led us to forget exactly what we were doing , so later in the process we had to do a more detailed plan. This meant that i learnt that to successfully plan you need to do an in detail plan , not a quick one.

After the planning was sorted it was time to film. For both films we recorded our clips with a camera and a tripod. Every time we filmed the tripod was used [ it allows us to get prefect straight shots] and obviously the camera. The equipment allowed us to gain the shots that we did.
A video showing me closing the gap between clips

After filming the shots for the prelim and final it was time to use the Macs and the applications. Final Cut Pro [FCP] was used to edit the clips. As the main editor for both the prelim and final i feel that i personally have learned alot since the prelim. Even though we had a practise session on FCP i felt that i still did not know alot. However from editing the prelim to the final i have learnt how to edit , import clips , and use many other features on FCP. 

Another application that we could have used was LiveType, but it was decicded that it would take too long [ and we could not remember how to use it]. I do regret not learning how to use it as it would of enhanced our title sequence. SoundTrack Pro was another aspect that was used. It was used in both the prelim and final as i knew how to add the ST sounds onto FCP. In the prelim the digetic sounds can be heard so in our final  we made sure that it would not happen.

The shots in both openings are something that i have learned from. For example above shows two shots , one from the prelim and one from the final film. During the filming of the prelim we rushed to get shots and forgot about headspace, in our final film we improved on this.  Another filming aspect that i have learnt from is props. In the prelim there was no key props. Feedback from friends[ e.g. ' i think there should of been a visible weapon]  showed that this was a negative and lacked in the film. In the final there are two key props [ the wig and ring] which again from feedback is seen as a postive thing. 

Overall i believe that i personally have learnt alot from the planning of the prelim up until the editing of the final cut of the opening for Duplicate. I have learnt how to use new technology 
[ final cut pro for example] and how it relates and can be used with other technology. The creation of both openings has been a huge learning experience for me and was very enjoyable.

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