Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EVALUATION - 3 - Who would be the audience for your media product?

As seen above suspense films appeal to females and action films appeal to males. Duplicate fits into both sub - genres of thriller , so it would appeal to both genders. Below is a description of a typical male and female included in the target audience.

Aaron Wilding is an 20 year old single man , who typically enjoys watching movies, especially thriller / action movies such a Batman and the Bourne trilogy [ A trailer for the third Bourne , The Bourne Ultimatum, is above]. He  goes to the cinema twice a month , maybe even more if there are films that appeal to him in the cinema. Aaron can afford to go to the cinema many times a month as he has a job in central London as an journalist for a national sports blog and is excelling in his career, which means he is closer to his next promotion and earning more money. 

Aaron's style is descibed as very modern and fashionable. Due to his career and his wage , he can afford to spend a lot of money at stores such as French Connection , Topman , and wear labels such as  Barbour and Reiss. He also has a thing for jewellery such as Rolex watches.Above is a quick slide show showing two different types of outfits he would wear.

Aaron is included in this target audience as he is the typical audience for a thriller containing action. He also lives where the film is set [central London] so he would be interested in seeing his city on the big screen.

Females are also included in the target audience for Duplicate , they could be described as the secondary audience. An example of the female that this movie would appeal to is below.

Kay Jones is an 18 year old female who is still completing her A Levels at one of Londons top colleges.She also enjoys going to the cinema but she only goes once or twice a month. She has a part time job at her favourite clothing store h&m , which allows her to buy things for herself such as clothes and make up. The inside of her bag would contain these items:

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