Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION 8- Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Before doing our thriller, or creating our thriller we made an opening to a prelim. The purpose of the prelim was to get us prepared on how to actually do our thriller, it gave us a taste on how it is to use the camera equipment, final cut pro etc. Overall the prelim was enjoyble with my peers, their was great team work, but looking over it we did make a lot of mistake and due to limited time we did mess up a bit like the sound etc.

For both of the thriller opening and the prelim we planned out what we are going to do, like what we are going to need, we brainstormed on a sheet of paper every one contributed to their thoughts and what they through might make it interesting and good.

For both films the next step was we had to do a story board, we all created a story board and wrote down the different shots we are going to be using and how.

Then for our prelim we created an animatic by using jelly babies.
The sound in our prelim was pretty basic but creepy, it stays the same through out. It did work well but we do believe if we had the time we could of choose something better. For our actual thriller we did have time to chose the music, it went very well with our thriller we did have enough time.
The Mise-en-scene for our prelim was in college in the toliets (where she washes her hand), the class room (where the body is). For our actual thriller the setting was in one of my peers house, we filmed in the bathroom, bed room, kitchen and living room (that was where the body was) prelim and thriller little bit idenical when it comes to the dead body. Props we used for our prelim is blood, for our thriller the prop we used was wig, cups, etc.

The sound that was used for our prelim was diegetic which was the chacter saying 'NOO!' and also non diegetic which was the music at the background. For our thriller we didnt use any diegetic sound we only used non diegetic

For editing in our prelim we used slow motion. But for our thriller we used transitions.

For both we used different camera shots like close up, mid shots, over the shoulder shot, point of view shot etc.

Here are the same two shots from our prelim and final film. theses shots are showing how our final film shot is better than the prelim film.

Everyone was organised, we realised that if one person didnt turn up it would of been a devastaster, but forturnately everyone did turn up on tim, team work was excellent everyone participated. From the prelim i have learnt a lot and it was a fantastic experience. And also making the actual thriller was very exciting and watching it on a big screen. All our hard work became successful.

QUESTION 6: Audience feedback and comments- Part 2

On the 5. 04.11 the entire AS media, went to watch our thriller openings in the cinema. This was a fantastic experience as everyone had the chance to see their own thriller on the big screen.

I got a lot of postive and negative feed back, and also video what people thought about our thriller opening.
These are the people i vidoed for feed back.

EVALUATION: 6) Audience feedback and comments (Part 3)

I uploaded our final film, "Duplicate" onto my Facebook account and asked people for feedback. These are the screengrabs of response I got.

EVALUATION 7- What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

EVALUATION 4&5- What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

'Sixx Studios' is a low budget , production company which is also an independent company. The way that this film would be distributed by the company , would be through ; the cinema ( and other private screenings , such as family previews) the internet ( for example social networking websites) and  a release of 200DVDs .

The internet has been lanched to release films, wheather its succesful or not. Here is an example that i have found on you tube how a student has put up their work on youtube and has a lot of views in a short period, its has 6711 views which is a lot. The internet has become a major advantage, people are now movie makers over the net, with sites like Youtube, Facebook, twitter etc,

Our thriller film has been released in this cinema, we watched our thriller infront of all our AS peers and also teachers. It was a hit in such a short period and was realised on 200 DVD.
It has been up on my facebook, to show eveyone and also to get feed back about it.
here is a ScreenGarb of me uploading Dulicate on facebook for some audience feedback

EVALUATION 3- Who would be the audience for your media product?

The target audience for our thriller would be for more older females around 20 and over. The reason its not lower that age is because our thriller is about 'murder' and 'identity theft' and its mainly for that age target, if its for 16 and over thrillers are usually in high school, college etc.

I have created a typical audience member for our thriller movie and below
is about a women in her 20s and how her life is.

Here is her story
'Jennifer, 25 years old, working as an
accountance, she lives with her
flat mate, Greg.  Jennifer likes going to
the cinema in her spare time, watching
action thrillers. Her dress sense can be
smart, always carrying a hand bag with make
up in her bags and all sorts.

Below is how her flat mate Greg
describes her:

EVALUATION 2- How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The main social group our media product represent is a normal women waking up , shes in her bed, in her pjamars, going to the bathroom washing her face then we see her reaching for a wig. This will make the audience think, from normal to this, what is she doing with the wig? We established her being 'normal'with the props around her.

The character into the bathroom everything looks normal until she grabs the wig..

The clothing she is wearing at the beginning is her pjamars, as most women wear when going to bed. Then after wearing her wig, we see her in a different out fit wearing a long black dress.
Just like we see the opening of 'The stepfather' he going to the bathroom and changes his identity.

The Stepfather (obsessed) 
Duplicate (obsessed) 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EVALUATION- 8; Looking back at the prelim, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Here are the same two shots from our prelim and final film. theses shots are showing how our final film shot is better than the prelim film.

our prelim shot of getting out of the room 

Duplicate (thriller film) of getting out of the room 
close up of opening the door 

Mise-en-scene for our prelim was in college in the toilets, and in the class room (where the body is). Whereas For our actual thriller the setting was in sanchita’s house (group member), we filmed in the bed room, kitchen, bathroom and the living room. Our prelim and thriller were a bit indistinguishable when it came to the dead body. The Props we used for our prelim was blood, whereas for our thriller the prop we used was the wig, cups, and so on.

Sound that was used for our prelim was diegetic (this was the character saying 'NOO') there was also non diegetic sound which was the music on the background. We also used diegetic and non diegetic sound for our final film as well e.g. the diegetic of the tape and of the making of the tea, and the non diegetic for the background to add a thrilling feel.

 And For editing our prelim we used dawdling motion, However for our thriller we used transitions.

For both we used different camera shots like close up, mid shots, over the shoulder shot, point of view shot etc. however as shown above of the two similar shots, you can see how we improved it, for example in the prelim we did not use a close up when she is actually Turing off the light or even opening the door, whereas in the final film of Delicate we used similar tracking however we used a close up of her hand opening the door.  

                                                                  Here is our prelim: 

and here is our final thriller duplicate: 


EVALUATION- 6: Audience Feedback ( PART 2)

Yesterday we went to view our thriller on the big screen; this was a very good experience and gained a lot of feedback from our peers. Even through our thriller was not aimed at that particular age group they gave as some very useful feedback. Many thought it was dragging and took long to get to the point however when it did it was great.


here is a ScreenGarb of me uploading Dulicate on facebook for some audience feedback

                Here is an screen recording of me putting it on facebook                                       

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EVALUATION: 8) Looking back at the prelim, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Before we created our prelim film, we made an animatic with Jelly Babies which helped us plan the shots to be taken. We created a prelim for practise and to familiarise ourselves with the equiptment and the shot angles. It was also for practising our editing skills, so we could get used to using Final Cut Pro.
We also created storyboards for every film we made. Comparing the prelim storyboard to the final films storyboard, I can see that the shots we used had a a lot of variety. We used many angles and knew that we had to to take more shots just in case the other was not right when we started editing.
At the time we edited our preliminary film, we were very excited as we were more familiar with the technologies used and we also included sound for the first time. Our film had a very eerie atmosphere and this is exactly what we wanted to do. At the end we were very satisfied with the film we had created.
A reminder of our prelim:
Looking back on our prelim I think we could've done a better job with the cuts and continuity. Watching our final film and our prelim and comparing them I realised there is a bigger difference than I had previously thought. Everything was different, from the angles we took the shots in to our editing skills.
Here is a short animation I made to compare the shots of our prelim and final film.
Throughout the year my knowledge of the cinema audience has expanded immensely. Thrillers were not suitable for the younger audience as they might be frightened of the plot or characters. But they also do not understand the psychological element of the story as the older generation.
Films are divided into genres as we all know. However, within those categories, there are sub genres which specifically tell us what the films are based on. For example; psychological thrillers, politics, romantic thrillers etc.
Overall, I have learnt a lot on the concept of the film industry and cinema. My knowledge had expanded majorly and I have learnt how to use the programmes Final Cut Pro, HandBrake, Soundtrack Pro, LiveType and many more. I think I have improved my skills on Final Cut Pro since the prelim.
The mise-en-scene has been improved. The costume looks much better in our final. In Duplicate the costume looks more sinister but fashionable.
I enjoyed blogging as there were various things to do such as add videos and presentations and not only text. We had to be creative which made it very enjoyable.
I also learnt the things I could improve on. Such as, working on headspace when shooting and decreasing the sound of the unnecessary digetic sounds.
My team worked really well throughout the whole process. We spoke to each other on professional levels and everyones opinions were considered. We edited the films together so we all were happy with the film. We were organised as we arranged suitable times and dates to meet each.

EVALUATION: 6) Audience feedback and comments (Part 2)

Today was the day our film was screened in The Screen of the Green.
It was a very helpful experience as we watched our film on a cinema screen for the first time and also watched everyone else's films. 
The feedback I got today was through facebook from people who were at the screening today.
These are the screengrabs of the feedback.

EVALUATION - 8 - Looking back at the prelim , what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Before creating our final opening we made a prelim. The purpose of the prelim was to help us get used to the equipment such as the camera and the editing process. I think that overall I have learnt a lot from the time that the prelim was created up to now.

The first step in creating both our prelim and final openings was to start planning exactly what we wanted to film. For both films me and the rest of group 6 brainstormed [on a sheet] our individual ideas for the opening , then we decided on the idea we thought was the best. 

For both films the next step was to create a storyboard. This consisted of drawn out shots of what we would like to shoot and how it would fit together as a film. A storyboard helped the group know exactly what we wanted to shoot.

One shot from our animatic
For our prelim we created an animatic of still photos. This was made by using jelly babies  , to represent people and other things such as stationary for doors and other props. We took pictures of the jelly babies on a still camera which saved them to the memory card , which was then transferred onto the video drive and to Final Cut Pro for us to edit. By creating an animatic we basically had a digital storyboard in which we could go back to if we forgot shots or to just generally help us remember. Even after the success of the animatic we did not create one for our final film . I think this was because we had a very detailed storyboard and an animatic was not necessary. However when we did forget shots an animatic would of been helpful but the storyboard was good enough.

The next thing to do was to plan how and when we would shoot. For the prelim we were given an hour and forty minutes to shoot , so planning was quick and not very detailed , as we knew what to do in the space that we had. However for our final film we did a larger plan. Our first plan was brief - it just included times and shots. But this led us to forget exactly what we were doing , so later in the process we had to do a more detailed plan. This meant that i learnt that to successfully plan you need to do an in detail plan , not a quick one.

After the planning was sorted it was time to film. For both films we recorded our clips with a camera and a tripod. Every time we filmed the tripod was used [ it allows us to get prefect straight shots] and obviously the camera. The equipment allowed us to gain the shots that we did.
A video showing me closing the gap between clips

After filming the shots for the prelim and final it was time to use the Macs and the applications. Final Cut Pro [FCP] was used to edit the clips. As the main editor for both the prelim and final i feel that i personally have learned alot since the prelim. Even though we had a practise session on FCP i felt that i still did not know alot. However from editing the prelim to the final i have learnt how to edit , import clips , and use many other features on FCP. 

Another application that we could have used was LiveType, but it was decicded that it would take too long [ and we could not remember how to use it]. I do regret not learning how to use it as it would of enhanced our title sequence. SoundTrack Pro was another aspect that was used. It was used in both the prelim and final as i knew how to add the ST sounds onto FCP. In the prelim the digetic sounds can be heard so in our final  we made sure that it would not happen.

The shots in both openings are something that i have learned from. For example above shows two shots , one from the prelim and one from the final film. During the filming of the prelim we rushed to get shots and forgot about headspace, in our final film we improved on this.  Another filming aspect that i have learnt from is props. In the prelim there was no key props. Feedback from friends[ e.g. ' i think there should of been a visible weapon]  showed that this was a negative and lacked in the film. In the final there are two key props [ the wig and ring] which again from feedback is seen as a postive thing. 

Overall i believe that i personally have learnt alot from the planning of the prelim up until the editing of the final cut of the opening for Duplicate. I have learnt how to use new technology 
[ final cut pro for example] and how it relates and can be used with other technology. The creation of both openings has been a huge learning experience for me and was very enjoyable.

EVALUATION - 7 - What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Here is our answer to question 7.

EVALUATION - 3 - Who would be the audience for your media product?

As seen above suspense films appeal to females and action films appeal to males. Duplicate fits into both sub - genres of thriller , so it would appeal to both genders. Below is a description of a typical male and female included in the target audience.

Aaron Wilding is an 20 year old single man , who typically enjoys watching movies, especially thriller / action movies such a Batman and the Bourne trilogy [ A trailer for the third Bourne , The Bourne Ultimatum, is above]. He  goes to the cinema twice a month , maybe even more if there are films that appeal to him in the cinema. Aaron can afford to go to the cinema many times a month as he has a job in central London as an journalist for a national sports blog and is excelling in his career, which means he is closer to his next promotion and earning more money. 

Aaron's style is descibed as very modern and fashionable. Due to his career and his wage , he can afford to spend a lot of money at stores such as French Connection , Topman , and wear labels such as  Barbour and Reiss. He also has a thing for jewellery such as Rolex watches.Above is a quick slide show showing two different types of outfits he would wear.

Aaron is included in this target audience as he is the typical audience for a thriller containing action. He also lives where the film is set [central London] so he would be interested in seeing his city on the big screen.

Females are also included in the target audience for Duplicate , they could be described as the secondary audience. An example of the female that this movie would appeal to is below.

Kay Jones is an 18 year old female who is still completing her A Levels at one of Londons top colleges.She also enjoys going to the cinema but she only goes once or twice a month. She has a part time job at her favourite clothing store h&m , which allows her to buy things for herself such as clothes and make up. The inside of her bag would contain these items:

EVALUATION-7: What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constucting this product?