Monday, 21 March 2011

Thriller Opening - Filming Diary

Tuesday, 1st March
The first day we filmed our thriller opening (at my house). We used this lesson to film our temporary shots or in other words, a try out shoot. When we filmed on this day we did not have the main props (the wig and the ring). We used this filming session to practise the shots we were going to take.

Thursday 3rd March
We used this lesson to buy the main props we needed for the opening. We bought the wig from a fancy dress store. The ring we used belonged to a girl in my group, Fatima, who played the body in the film. 

Saturday 5th March
On this day we filmed our proper opening for the first time. We booked the equipment for friday and bought them back on monday morning.
We filmed every shot from different angles especially the bedroom shots. 

Tuesday 8th March
We started editing in this lesson but realised we were missing some shots. We noticed there were a few errors. We wrote down specifically what went wrong and what we needed to do to correct the shots we took. 

Sunday 13th March
We used this day to film the bathroom scene and the dead body scene.

Monday 21th March
This was our most productive filming day. On this day we decided to buy a new wig and film. We were not sure if we would be able to do everything as we only had three hours to film. Impressively we managed to find the correct wig and film the shots all in the space of 3 hours.
Due to the new prop, we had to film more more scenes again. We also managed to do this. 

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