Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Thriller diary

On the 5th of March we filmed our actual thriller, it took the whole day to film, we stuck by our plan of using the props we planned to use e.g blonde wig, glasses, etc. We used different shots e.g match cut, point of view shot, mid shot, close up etc. The location we filmed it in is in a house (one of our peers house-Sanchita) We used different rooms to shot the scenes we will need like the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. Our plot at the begninng is about a women getting out from bed, we see a range of mid shot of her getting out of bed and also an airly shot of her( in her pyjamers) going to the bathroom and then we see her putting on a wig, this is to make the audience wonder why she is putting on a blonde wig, then we see her going to her room then come out lookingvery different, it seems like she has changed her identity. We then see her going down the stairs then making her way to the kitchen making her breakfast, then making her way to the living room. We see her going over something, then we realise its a body. We did close up of the body. The body has the same clotheing and same hair has the other women.
We then did close up of the women taking the ring of the dead body finger.
This is all we did on the 5th march, we filmed all that and stuck by our story board.

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