Monday, 21 March 2011


After editing our rough cut we noticed many errors in our filming, so we decided to film once again as the clips we had was not good enough. We decided to film today (Monday 21 march) however I could not make it, so it had to been done with out me as we could not film any other day and is running out of time

We changed:
  •  the wig (used a new wig) as we believed the Mise en scene will look better. This meant my group had to re-film ever scene (excluding the bedroom scenes)

  • Making the breakfast - as this was not good and we had continuity problem so decided to cut out the toast scene as this will also cut down out timing of the film.

  • Entrance to the front room

  • We also changed the dead body as I could not make it, my replacement was Sanchita

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