Monday, 21 March 2011

Feedback on rough cut

After showing our rough draft to a few people , i asked what they thought of it. This is some of the feedback that i was given :

The wig looks too unrealistic

Two continuity problems

1 - One slice of bread is put in the toaster [ a very noticeable end slice ] , however when she eats it  we clearly see it is a normal slice

   2 - When the character enters the room we see her put down the cup , but her toast has dissapeared

- The shot of her putting up her hair is too long

- And the shot of her making breakfast is too long

After realising these problems our group has decided to re - film , hoping that we can come up with solutions to these problems. They include:

- Getting a newer , more realistic wig
- Filming the breakfast & bathroom scenes again

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