Friday, 25 March 2011

Our Experience of creatng "Duplicate"

Before uploading our final film, we wanted to post a quick and short blog about our experience of creating "Duplicate".

Whilst creatng "Duplicate", we had an insight of how it would be like to create an actual film. We had to go through the steps an actual writer or director goes through, such as presenting a pitch and selling your film to people.
We enjoyed working in a team and asking each other for their opinion. There were no arguements for the whole time we worked together. If there was a disagreement, we would discuss the issue properly and come to a resonable agreement. Everyone in the group got along with each other which made it much easier to create the film.

The parts we enjoyed the most was filming and buying our props. Even though we had to re-film some scenes, we acted like proffessionals and were motivated to get the shots right. We looked back on to our rough cuts and compared the shots to our final film. It was much better and had a better flow.
Because we filmed indoors (at Sanchita's house), there was not a worry about the weather and if there was going to be a problem with continuity.
We also enjoyed blogging. Even though at some points we were behing on our blogs, we managed to complete them all and were updated.

Overall, this has been a very beneficial experience and we enjoyed it very much.
We are looking forward to watching our film on the big screen and getting feedback!

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