Friday, 25 March 2011

LAST DAY OF EDITING (Deadline day)

25th March

Today was the deadline for our film. We used this day to look over our film thoroughly and check for any mistakes or adjustments that needed to be made. We also added the Candi Studios title at the beginning.
We saved our film for the final time then converted it on handbrake so we could upload it on our blog.
We were worried in case we did not manage to get everything done before the deadline as there was a very high chance of no computers being available for us as everyone else had to edit their final film. Thankfully, we came early enough to find a computer and finish off our film.

Yesterday (24th March) we added our soundtrack to the film. We choose two different sounds, one two show a sense of normality when the character wakes up and another to show a sense of tension when the wig is shown.
We also adjusted our titles in the beginning.

So now our film is completed and up on our blogs!!

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