Monday, 21 March 2011

Feedback & Mistakes on Rough Cut

Watching the rough cut we realised we made a lot of mistakes.
We asked a few people to watch our rough cut and give feedback. In the feedback we were told how we could make improvements.

Mistakes & Improvements
1) The wig was and looked too unrealistic. 
We had hoped we could buy a new wig. Considering the very little time we have, we were not sure if this could be possible. Thankfully it was and we were much more satisfied with the new wig.

2) (Bathroom scene) The continuity was not correct. The scene looked unstable and static. In the first shot, the main character walks to the sink. Then in the next shot she is tying up her hair. There is no sense of continuity and the shots seem scattered.
The actor needs to be directed properly and needs to stay in the same position as the last shot in order from the next shot to be be taken correctly.

3) (Kitchen scene) When the character walks up to the counter we can see there are already two slices of toast in the toaster. The character puts in one slice of toast. In the next shot, two slices come out of the toaster. (This was because we used shots from our temporary shots and first filming shots.)
The toaster/toast element to be cut off completely.

4) The kitchen scene was too long and it dragged.
The toaster/toast element to be cut off completely.

5) (Living room scene) When our main character put the cup of tea down, there was no toast. When she walked out of the kitchen before, she was holding both her cup of tea and a slice of toast.
If the toast/toaster props are cut off, she will only need to be seen putting the cup down.

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