Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation on Rough Cut

Whilst filming, I thought we had got every shot from a variety of angles. However, when we were editing our film, it turns out we didnt. We were missing some shots which we needed for continuity.

The wig we used looked very unrealistic. Personally, it put me off the whole film. From the side the wig looked okay and believable. However, when the character turned the back of their head to the camera, I could see the deep gaps into the wig. This made the prop look fake. The wig had to have a realistic element to it. Unfortunately, it didn't. Also in the scene where the body was revealed, the wig looked extremely unrealistic. The body's face was shown. We could see that the skin tone of the body's face did not match the colour of the wig, which looked very odd.

Watching back on our rough cut, the kitchen scene was extremely long. It dragged and was very static. It also made the film look boring. It was not necessary to put every action the character made into the film. We could have used quick and snappy match cuts which showed what the character was doing, which was  simply making breakfast.

The bathroom scene had a problem with continuity. In one shot we see the character walking to the sink then stopping, then in the next shot we see them washing their face where they have had to bend down. There was no shot showing them in the process of bending down to wash their face. Therefore, there was a continuity problem.

We didnt get to add sound to our rough cut as we were running out of time.
The titles we used were from Final Cut Pro. We wanted to use simple font so decided Final Cut Prop would be the best instead of using LiveType which would have taken alot of time.

On a more positive note, I think most of the shots we used were varied and worked well with the atmosphere. We intended on using many different angle shots so our film would not look boring and static. We wanted it to have alot of movement but have suspense at the same time. I think we managed to do this. I really like most shots we used and think they fitted in well and some had a sense of continuity.
The shot I liked the best was the tracking shot of when the wig was first shown. The relevance of the wig is unknown, which helps created suspense. The slow movement of the camera also helps this immensely.

Our film needs alot of adjustments and re-filming. However, the bedroom shots were fine so we do not need to film that scene again, which will save time. When we re-film, I hope we will be able to use another wig which looks more reliastic than the one we used.

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