Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Evaluation on Prelim

Before we did or Prelim we did a story board and also a plan what we are going to base it on. We did watch a few "thriller" opening e.g. like "The stepfather" "Shinning" etc. We were very inspired by "The stepfather" the opening how we see an ordinary man waking up drinking tea, next thing we see is a body. We learned from that scene on how to create suspense and practised what kind of shots to use by drawing them on the stroy board and used Jelly babies to practise on. We started of with the main character walking out of a room then entering a bathroom, we then see the main character washing their hand, we see blood washing out, this will make the audience wonder what this person has done. We then see the main character coming out back into the room they came out of we see a body. We filmed in college in a class room and next to t is a bathroom. We used different range of shots e.g. mid shots, close up of the hand etc.

After we have filmed, we went through eery shot and picked out the best shots, we learnt how to use "final cut pro" this helps us to cut out or edit out anything we don't want. We also used "soundtrack" to add soundtrack at the background.

Overall our filming was succesful, we did encounter a few problems but we did find a way to solve the problems we had. The continutiy in our filming was good, we created a good piece, the opening was good and also the back ground soundtrack fitted in well.

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