Monday, 21 March 2011

Quick evaluation of the rough opening for Duplicate

After filming over the last few weeks days we finally completed our rough cut of our thriller opening for the movie , Duplicate. As with every film opening ours had its negative and positive aspects.

The opening starts with an aerial shot of the main character waking up , by using this shot the film shows where it is shot and who is the key person in it.Another positive about our opening is the use of match cuts, it allows our film to be diverse with its shots. I also think the fact that it seems like a normal day but thn there is a body on the floor allows the fim to be very suspenseful.

Problems with the rough cut include the fact that the titles are very limited , theres no titles for crew members such as 'costume by' . Also there is a shot in which the title has cut out the image. During the time we had to make the rough cut , we didnt have enough time to add the sounds. Continuity was also a problem with the rough cut ( the dissapearing toast). All these problems are good for the group as they let us know how we can make sure that our final cut for the opening is as perfect as it can be

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