Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Evaluation of Prelim Film

We were hugely inspired by The Stepfather so we used intertexuality from this film for our preliminary film.
We talked about exactly how to create suspense and shock and drew a storyboard and practised the shots with an animated film (Jelly babies film). We decided to preview the main character walking out of a room and into a bathroom. This shows a sense of normality. The suspense begins when the character is shown washing their hands but blood runs down from their hands an into the sink (as shown below). We planned to create an uneasy feeling within the audience because they had no idea how and why there was blood involved. We filmed on college grounds in a classroom which was next door to a bathroom. This helps to create continuity as the exact shot locations are close.


We went through every clip and chose which ones would be best to sequence in the film then edited it on Final Cut Pro and added sound by using Soundtrack Pro. The soundtrack we chose fitted in perfectly with the mood of the film. It was slow, sombre and had a low pitch. It created a sense of mystery.

We took a lot of shots from different angles so we would have a lot of variety when it came to editing. We used a range of shots such as wide shots, over the shoulder shots, close ups. match cuts, POV shots, high angles and more. Even though we had a storyboard, different shot angles helped immensely because we could visually see which shot would best fit in with the sequence. They also had to have a sense of continuity and the shots had to flow.

I think the continuity in our film was very good and the film had a flow. Overall I believe our group created an extremely good opening, including the ideas and planning and music, considering it was only our second time filming. However, if we were to make any improvements, I would adjust the sound so the unnecessary background sounds would not be heard at all. For example, we could faintly hear another class in the next room talking and a us telling the main character what to do while filming.

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