Thursday, 31 March 2011

EVALUATION - 4 & 5 - What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract / adress your audience?

Our thriller 'Duplicate' was made with the help of 'Candi Studios' and our own self made studios named 'Sixx Studios' , which helped with the production of the thriller and its opening. 

'Sixx Studios' is a low budget , production company which is also an independent company. The way that this film would be distributed by the company , would be through ; the cinema ( and other private screenings , such as family previews) the internet ( for example social networking websites) and  a release of 200 DVDs .

The internet allows the film to be broad casted vastly and even globally. In the Prezi below is examples of how the film could and would be distributed to attracted the target audience.

Also there will be a cinema screening of the movie in an Islington cinema. It will be shown to students and teachers.This allows us to show the film directly to the main , targeted audience and also those who are not apart of the the direct target audience , but their reaction to the film may also be beneficial to our experience of making this opening.
Finally there will be a DVD release of 200 copies of 'Duplicate' .This allows us ( the makers of 'Duplicate') to give the film to those who we think we benefit from seeing it and also give the kind of feedback we want to hear and learn from.

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