Monday, 21 March 2011

Changes: re-filming

After we edited our rough cut, we realised that the wig we used was very inappropriate. It didn't look realistic enough because our characters skin tone did not match the colour of the wig and frankly it looked quite absurd for a thriller opening. We decided that we just had to film again. 

Today Shaiann, Yasmeen and I filmed again. Fatima could not make it as she had a lesson. We also bought a new wig. We were much more satisfied with this wig as it looked much more realistic. We were impressed because we managed to film every shot we needed in a limited amount of time.

We filmed the shots of the bathroom again as we had a continuity problem. That was corrected and the right shots were taken.
The kitchen shots that were taken are better than the shots in the rough cut because we took quicker match cuts from much more angles.
We decided to exclude the toast and toaster as a prop and match cut because we wanted to make the kitchen scene quick simple.

We changed the cast a little. Fatima, who played the body on the floor in the film was replaced by me. The costumed of the character was also changed but was still in all black. I wore a black dress with black tights and dark coloured laced heels. The wig looked as if it was my natural hair, which was the effect we were aiming for.

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