Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION - 6 - Audience Feedback and comment

A Wordle showing the comments from others

Today our group showed our film to the rest of our media class ( group 7 / 8 / 9 & 10 ) and after watching our thriller opening for 'Duplicate' they gave us feedback on our openings strengths and things that we could improve on.

The main positive comments that the group received about the music were that it creates suspense , which is critical
 in a thriller movie as it is one of the main conventions to have if the film is to be successful. Another positive comment in which the group received about our thriller opening was about the use of mise - en - scene , mainly the props. One comment which was written said ' The use of props were very good and allowed the audience to understand what was clearly happening' , this is exactly what the group wanted to achieve with the use of the ring and wig. Below is are videos from three students giving us feedback on our opening ( they student fit into our target audience so this feedback is very good for us , as it is coming from someone who we want to watch our film).

After the cinema showing of the opening [on 05/04/2011] , i decided to get feedback from the audience , made up of people that are included in our the target audience.Here is a picture of a sheet of which i wrote down feedback from a person :

Here is another piece of feedback that was sent via email:
I thought that the overall production and editing was great. Personally I thought that the sound used when the main character was getting ready was effective and it added to the overall theme of the opening, I thought that it should of been extended to make it more atmospheric, however I thought that the narrative was so intriguing that it made me forget about it. GREAT FILM

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