Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION - 2 - How does your media represent particular social groups?

Whilst creating this film we had an idea of who we wanted to relate to and who we wanted to feel as if they were exactly like the main character.  In order to achieve this we had to carefully look at aspects such as mise en scene and also look at other similar films and see how they relate to each other.

A film that was used for inspiration was 'Single White Female' (1992). This film revolves around the same plot of a stolen identity , so this shows that Duplicate is compareable to a real media product. The fact that the key protagonist characters are both female is also a similarity , this means that Duplicate mainly represents females.

Another social group in which Duplicate represents are adults. This is because our protagonist in the opening is an adult [ around 22]. This is a common group that is usually represented in thriller openings [ for example Single White Female] so Duplicate is the same as many real thriller openings , that are made by high budget companies.

Our opening also represents a certain race - Asian. This quality is different to Single White Female and many other real media products. Typically lead female characters are caucasian , so Duplicate does not follow the typical conventions for a thriller opening , allowing it to represent a race which is not commonly seen in thriller openings , especially not British low budget films.

By use of mise en scene the group and myself have been able to represent more social groups. For example costume. The main character is wearing a black dress [ a cardigan ] and heels , an outfit usually associated with a working woman. The location is also relevant in representing social groups. It can be seen that the character lives in a house , which means she can afford to have a home to herself. This connotes her class.

Overall the opening to Duplicate represents many different social groups.This is done by props , gender and location , and other aspects. By doing this i know that it allows us to reach and target a wider audience , who would be attracted and interested in the film.

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