Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION -1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge conventions of real media products?

The main title sequence that Duplicate relates and is similar to is the title sequence from the movie 'The Stepfather'. Below is a video that i have made [using Windows Movie Makers that shows how the films relate to each other by showing the similarities and differences between The Stepfather and Duplicate: 

Changes identity 
In both films we see the characters change their identity , this shows that Duplicate is similar to real media products as it follows and develops the same type of storylines that real media products like The Stepfather.

Makes breakfast
Another similarity with the two openings, again making Duplicate more like  a real media product. 

Surprise of dead body
This is the major turning in both openings , the first being the change of identity.This shocks the audience and makes the plot  move obvious.

Gender of main characters
This is something different about the two openings. Duplicate challenges the typical movie opening as it revolves around a female lead , typically males dominate this genre of film , which means that Duplicate is challenging the forms of real media products.

Whilst on the Art of the title sequence website , I found the opening for 'Stranger than Fiction'. In relation to my groups own thriller opening there are a few similarities. Firstly the fact that it is starts with the protagonist getting ready , just like the female lead in the opening for 'Duplicate'. However the protagonists are two different genders, which challenges the conventions of what a lead should be.

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