Sunday, 6 February 2011

Extra Research: Obsessed, 2009

Obsessed is a psychological thriller. I recently watched the film and really enjoyed it. The film is about a successful business man Derek (Idris Elba) who is happy with his work and marriage with Sharon (Beyonce Knowles) and their only son. But his marriage who's relationship is nearly ruined when an obsessive temporary worker, Lisa (Ali Larter), who is hugely attracted to Derek. Derek is understandably a little attracted to her as she is a beautiful woman. However, everything eventually goes wrong when Derek manages to keep control of himself and rejects Lisa's flirtatious behaviour and nearly jeopardizes his marriage.
I particularly enjoyed the scene where Ali Larter silently breaks into Beyonce's house. This clip in included in the clip below (up to 2.46 seconds). The editing pace is slow but it creates tension. There are a lot of match cuts showing everything Ali Larter is doing. The music is very eerie and suspenseful. It reflects Larter's character's madness and obsession.

There are aspects of the film which I would consider using in my own film such as the plot and the match cuts shown below.
These are the match cuts from the scene

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