Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Evaluation of the Prelim

I have created a PREZI version of this evaluation which can be seen here :

We were given a brief to create a prelim before we started our real thriller opening. This allowed us to get a better and further understanding of how to plan and create a film opening. The group started off by sharing ideas on what to do, plot wise. We then decided to use an idea from the movie The Stepfather. In the film, a male is seen doing everyday things, such as shaving and eating and as the audience we don't really know what is happening / happened until we get the shot of the bodies. In our film we our own version of that opening by creating the idea that the audience does not know what is going on until they see a certain shot , in our case the shot of the bloody hand and the blood running in the sink. So by using that as a starting point we developed the idea, created a storyboard and lastly filmed it within the college grounds.  

Overall I believe my group created a very strong prelim opening. Starting with the shots. We knew exactly what we wanted to shoot before we actually started as we created a detailed storyboard which helped us be prepared and allowed us to maximise our time whilst filming. During the actual shoot we made sure we got lots of shots, from different angles, so we had more to edit with ,and shot some extras just in case some did not work with our idea (something we will definitely remember to do whilst making our final thriller opening ).

A shot of part of the timeline
 During the editing process our idea was confirmed as we found out that it was good to have extra shots to work with as a few were not useable, if we had not done this we would have had a serious problem with editing with limited shots. After getting all the shots cut and placed in order on the timeline ( we were using Final Cut Pro to edit) we used soundtrack pro to pick and choose music to go along with the opening, the one we chose suited perfectly with the openings theme of suspense and mystery. 

As for the actual opening itself , i believe the group did create a good opening which allowed  us to showcase the skills that we have learnt over the last few weeks of this project. The opening shots lets the audience know who the main character is, but it does not give away what has happened, placing the the viewer straight into the film. The audience then gets a close up of the bloody hands and the blood running off into the sink.  Another shot we included was a wide shot, which shows the main character and the door that they had exited from in the start. 
An example of continuity
One thing that we made sure we did was keep the continuity , for example she leaves the door open and when we return to it , it is still open , by doing this we made the opening flow better. Another thing about the opening that i think is a positive is the tilt shot , that is also a POV from the person on the floor. By doing this it establishes the character , by automatically giving them a higher status. There music in the prelim is another positive, it fits perfectly with the scene and creates the right amount of suspense and the right atmosphere.

If i would change anything about the prelim it would be the sound. Even though we had placed a soundtrack over the shots, there is a slight problem with the sound. Some of the sounds from the shoot are heard such as background noise and directions being told to the actor. It does not affect the overall opening too much but it is definitely something that we have to go over and re-check whilst editing our final thriller opening. But overall, in my opinion,  we produced an excellent piece for our prelim considering it was only our second time filming and second time editing.

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