Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Evaluation Of Final Prilim Film

In lesson, we were given a brief to create a prelim before we started our real thriller opening. This helped us get a better understanding of how to create and plan our film opening. We decided to use an idea from the film ‘The Stepfather’. In this film, a male is seen doing the everyday routine. Such as brushing teeth, shaving, eating and so on. We as the audience do not know what has happened or is going to happen. Till we get the shot of the body.

In our film, we used that opening technique. We made the idea that the audience will not know anything until a specific shot, which will reveal the secret, which in our film is the bloody hands being washed and the blood flowing through the sink.
By using this as our starting point, we created a storyboard and filmed it in the college.

We created a very good prelim opening. We used many shots from different angles so that when we edit the film we will have a range of shots to work with. This will be something we will need to remember when filming our thriller opening.

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