Saturday, 22 January 2011

Title sequence analysis

In lesson we watched  suspense thriller openings, the movie that inspired me the most was the movie named ‘memento’, which we analysed,  the times that the credits where shown.
1. State the production and distribution companies. How are they introduced? What purpose do they serve at the start of the movie?
  • Todd production
  • New market presents
  • Association with summit entertainment
  • New market

2. List the information that is listed in the title sequence
  • Music by…
  • Edited by...
  • Director of photography
  • A film by Christopher Nolan
  • Costume designer
  • Memento
  • Production designer

3. Title sequence timeline: enter the start and end times of the film opening, and then plot the title sequence along the line:
  • Film starts : four second
  • New market presents: nine seconds
  • Summit entertainment:  twelve seconds
  • Team Todd production: seventeen seconds
  • Film by Christopher Nolan: twenty-two seconds
  • First actor: twenty- four  seconds
  • Second actor: twenty- nine seconds
  • Third actor: thirty- four seconds
  • Memento: forty seconds
  • Casting by: sixty seconds
  • Music by : one minute four seconds
  • Costume designer: one minute seven seconds
  • Edited by: one minute thirteen seconds
  • Production designer: one minute sixteen seconds
4. The film title: where it is placed? Start, middle, end?
The film title Memento is placed in the middle of the screen after forty seconds.

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