Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Structure of thriller Openings

When we looked at film openings we noticed that there were three basic structures which are as followed:

  • A narrative opening with the titles running throughout
  The shinning:

  • A discrete title sequence: is totally separately edited. Stands apart from the rest of the movie. E.g. the  movie ‘seven’ has massive close ups of everything, shows psychotic behaviour which links with the music and the camera shots. The hand written fonts tells us his mental state which is not sane.


  • Titles over black screen, followed by the narrative opening: the Donnie Darko for example, is very suspenseful; the nervousness of having to wait to see what is on the floor. It is also a very slow shot which is used to tense the scene more.
Donnie Darko

And we added a fourth style of opening which we have called
·        ‘Stylized editing’: an example of stylized editing is the movie ‘Phelham 123’ this movie was edited to the beat of the music.
Phelham 123

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