Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Practice film 1 - Planning

Below are notes that i took whilst the group threw around ideas , the highlighted parts are the ideas which we used in the filming of our prelim film.

Our group though of several locations including the lift and outside. After talking through the pros and cons of each location we finally decided on using the canteen. Next was equipment : we needed to make sure we had both the camera and the tripod. The camera had to be set up properly with the battery and memory cards in place. Next we discussed props , which included the bags ( without these the clips would be pointless ) we then added in a few extras like a newspaper, mobile phone and chairs to add to the realism of the film.

These are my notes to do with the plot ideas the group had. Our first idea was to have two people walking in a corridor bump into each other and drop their bags. Then they would pick up the others bags , similar to what happened in Collateral. We then thought that maybe someone could trip in the canteen and swap bags that way. We then thought of using the lift to film the bag swap but we decided on another idea. This was to have one person set up the chairs in the canteen, waiting for the other person to come in. When they did they would sit behind person 1 and swap their bags like that. We decided on that final idea. So that was the planning over.

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