Thursday, 6 January 2011


The opening of the film which shows a bag exchange was very suspenseful. where Vincent (Tom cruise) is at the airport bumps into another guy and both the guys bags drops. The tension was created by the tension music playing the non-digetic soundtrack and also the sound of the busy airport to give a sense of rush and amplified sound. We see shots of mid shots and close up to see their facial expression and reation.

Another suspenseful scene is when Vincent and Max get pulled by the police officer. We see the fear Max has n his face, theirs a close up of his expression where he looks very scared. He lies by telling the policemen that they hit a deer thats why theirs blood on the car. A suspenseful scene has Vincent near gets caught, and Maxs fears whats going to happen to him.

Another suspenseful moment is when Max is trying to save Annie from Vincent as Annie was the next target to kill for Vincent. His outside her building desperate for her to pick up the phone, suspensefu scne for the audience as we don't know if Annie is going to make it alive. Collateral Ending

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