Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Live type and sound skills

We were given a brief tutorial  on how to use these new technology on the Mac which are "live type" and also "sound skills"

Livetype: LiveType is a software program developed by Apple Inc. to create animated title sequences for video projects
LiveType - including fonts, textures, objects, templates and effects. It can import any standard media files. In the canvas, the contour that the text follows can be edited, so that the titles can be on curved or shaped paths. All features of each title can be changed and key framed, including the size, drop shadow, outline, extrusion, glow, opacity and tracking of the text.
Here are some of the features Livetype offers:

A 'LiveFont' is one of the program's key features. These are fonts with animated characters. Examples of the Live Fonts shipped with LiveType are animated handwriting, e.g. Smoke writing, fire etc.

Soundtrack  is a music composing and audio editing application made by Apple Inc,which includes a collection of just over 5000 royalty free professional instrument loops and sound effects.

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