Saturday, 29 January 2011

Introduction to Camera & Editing: SKILLS


We were shown the camera that we will be using for our filming.
We were taught the tools and functions of the camera. We were told not to zoom and to always use manual as the quality of the picture will not come out as good. We were also taught how to adjust the lighting to suit the environment. For example, the lighting in our classroom was very dull. We were shown how to change the vision by pressing the gain button which enables the picture to become lighter, therefore more clearer.

We were also taught how to use and set up the tripod and how to fix the camera on top of it so it doesn't fall.
We were shown how to adjust the tripod it to the angle and height we needed it in.

We were shown how to create the camera movements such as panning, tracking, tilting and hand-held

We must never touch the lens of the camera and always close it when we are outside, especially if it is raining. If we are filming in the rain we have to protect the camera with an umbrella. 
The cameras must always be returned on time as there are only a limited amount of cameras and other classes also have to shoot for their films.

Low angles are used to create a dominating and powerful effect of the person on the screen. It shows them looking down at the camera and makes them look supreme.
High angles are used to make the person look small and helpless.
Both high and low angles shows the relationship between the two people.

For editing, we obviously have to use Final Cut Pro.
In the lesson we were shown basic editing skills. To cut shots we have to use the I and O buttons.
We knew how to organise the timeline. The clips had to be right next to each other or there would be a gap in between each shot.
We were introduced to the toolbox and how to use it. The razor blade helps to cut the shots.

We now know how to add the credits and text, how to use different fonts and transactions. We used dissolve but realised that we would ave to limit the times we included it because it will make the editing pace slow down, which would have made our scene look too slow. Our bag swap scene was quite slow but it was tense. So we used dissolve to open and close the scene. If we used it in between the scene, it would not be as effective and completely ruin the mood.

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