Saturday, 22 January 2011

Introduction to editing & Camera

After a brief tutorial on editing using Final Cut Pro I learnt :
  • How to cut certain scenes by using the I and O buttons, this allowed us to get the correct shots in the sequence
  • The difference between the viewer an canvas windows
  • What the toolbox was and how to use it : an example is the razor blade, which helps with the cutting of a shot
  • How to add text and transitions, such as dissolve
  • How to correctly place things onto the timeline
All of these skills are good to know for when it comes to editing the actual thriller.

Introduction to camera skills

The lesson on camera skills taught me how i should film to make the most out of my thriller title sequence and how to use the camera properly. We also learnt about the cameras functions such as which button does what

What to do:
  • Make sure the camera is positioned on the tripod correctly
  • Have two memory cards in the camera , just in case one gets fully used
  • Make sure the battery is correctly placed in the back
  • Make sure the lens cover is off
  • Always manual focus , never auto focus
  • Take care with the equipment

What not to do:
  • Zoom in whilst filming , zooming should be done before you start recording 
  • Be careless with the camera and tripod

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