Thursday, 20 January 2011


The term intertextuality describes the way in which film makers borrow from each other. This includes the use of camera angles , types of editing , sound , mise en scene. An example of this can be seen in many modern films who have used Psycho as inspiration, specifically the famous shower scene.

The use of intertextuality can be seen in the clip made by students , from 'Succubus'. In this clip a female is seen walking through a building to where a male is showering. After smelling his clothes she pulls out a knife and stabs him to death.

Similarities with Psycho:
  • Person killed whilst showering
  • Knife used as murder weapon
  • Close ups in the shower
  • The use of sound during the actual stabbing

    In the movie The Stepfather there are also some similarities in the clip. During the clip a male is chasing a female through a house. She locks herself in a bathroom but he manages to kick his way inside, she stabs him with a shard of glass leading him to fall to his death in the bathtub.

    Similarities with Psycho:
    • Male intends to kill female
    • Death takes place in bathroom
    • Close up shots whilst victim dies

    The final clip that i will compare is from the film what lies beneath. In this clip the female is being carried by a male. She appears to be paralysed and is put into a bath tub , whilst the water runs. This should eventually lead to her death.

    Similarities with Psycho:
    • Female being overcome by male 
    • Many close ups whilst in bath
    • Elements of suspense

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