Thursday, 20 January 2011

Intertextuality in film

Intertextuality is the way in which texts (or other things such as sound , mise en scene ect )refer to other media texts that producers assume audiences will recognise (borrowing) for example:

                    Austin Powers (film) -- James Bond series (Blofeld / Dr. Evil)         here they are both holding a animal, it may not be identical however they are both holding the creature in the same position. they are also wearing similar cloths. this is an example of intertextuality.

Physco famous shower scene:

Shower scene in What lies Beneath :


Physco was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and released in the 1960. it is as a 'physiological thriller'. Many Other films have borrowed features of this film, especially from the famous shower scene.
What Lies Beneath has for example has borrowed features from Physco:
  • The white bathroom
  • Blonde female in the shower
  • Actually same high angle shot onto the female

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