Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Font Analysis

There are two main types of font -

Such as Times and courier
They are more traditional and less formal than the next type of font

Examples include Ariel and comic sans
More informal and modern than serif fonts 

This is a poster for the film ' Pearl Harbour ' . The font is palatino. The serif font suggests a classical old fashioned film. It also connotes the serious issue that the film is about. The fact that it is in capitals also connote the genre of the film , it is obviously not a romantic movie. The use of the font shows that the film is directed towards a more older/mature audience who are educated, it is also targeted at men.

This is another poster for a film , but this is for Rocky. The font being used is Franklin Gothic Heavy. The font is big and round which connotes the character of Rocky. The masculine font conveys that the film is male orientated. The positioning of the font is also interesting , it is large and very tight on the sides, it almost looks like a punching fist.

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