Thursday, 27 January 2011

Font Analysis: RESEARCH

The font of a film's name actually tells a lot about the story and characters that people notice.
There are two types of fonts.

  • Serif fonts - the formal and traditional font. Such as Times and Courier. They have the little lines at the end of every letter.
  • Sans Serif fonts - the informal and modern font. Such as Arial and Verdana. They have a more softer and lighter touch

The title of Pearl Harbor is written is a font called "Palatino" which is a Serif font. The title is also in capital letters. The formal font enables the title to look classical and old fashioned. It suggests the film is set in the past, so it attracts older audience. The people look like they are a part of the USA officers so it refers to a historical American war. The capital letters which all have the same height and width shows order, discipline and regimentation. However, it has a sense of elegance to it, which reflects to the three people on the poster.

The font used for the title of Rocky is called "Franklin Gothic Heavy". This is a Sans Serif font therefore informal. It is big and bold, plus the letters are all in capital so it clearly stands out.
The font resembles the main character. It is very masculine and almost represents a fist. The first and last letter, 'R' and 'Y', are tightly placed on either side of the poster. The letters also have the same height and width. It almost seems as if the title or fist is going to come out of the poster, as if it does not fit into the page. This attracts mainly male audience.
However, the Sans Serif font is quite curvy which can portray the relationship and emotions he shares with his wife/girlfriend. So it reflects to the image shown on the poster, which connotes the emotional and loving side of Rocky. The picture shows a man dressed as a boxer holding hands with his wife/girlfriend.

The right font has to be used to match the storyline of the movie. If an inappropriate font was used for these titles, the viewers would receive the wrong information about the film's plot. It could ruin the story and and critics and viewers will also be very unimpressed.

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