Friday, 28 January 2011

Cinema Audiences

In class after looking at the data for the Uk cinemaGoing by genre we answered the following questions

1. how many suspence films were released in 2009?How many suspense films were released altogether that year?
There were 31 suspense films released in 2009 and 501 were released altogether.

2. Action, animation and comedy account for 52% of box office in 2009. why do you think these genres are so popular?

I believe these genres are very popular because of the mass target audience,because many young teenagers are the ones that are going  and watching these films in the cinemas.

3. why do you think thillers account for quiet a low proportion of UK box office takings (4% in 2009)?
I believe this is because of the age limit which is located on the films. it leaves out individuals who are under the age of 15, this consequently exludes the quantity of viewing which results to a backdrop of box office takings and viewings.

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