Saturday, 29 January 2011

PRACTISE FILM 1: Bag Swap scene: Screen shots

We use Final Cut Pro to edit out bag swap scene. These are the screen shots of what and how we made our bag swap scene.

First of all, we opened up all the shots we took in the cameras memory card, then moved them into our video drive. 

Then opened Final Cut Pro. The box on the left is where all our shots are shown as thumbnails. the box in the middle is where the shots open and play so we can edit it. The last box plays everything on the timeline.

 The timeline. This is used to organise the shots so they play without any gaps.
It also has the timeline for sound as well as the shots.

We opened the shots up in FCP...

...and began to put the shots together. We cut each shot by using the I and O buttons which allowed us to get the sots we needed.

We checked the film after we edited for any mistakes or adjustments we needed to make.

 Our editing is saved and complete!

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