Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Analysis of a Thriller clip

The Analysis that I will be doing on the Thriller Clip 'Memento'.
The Sub-Genre for the Movie is a Murderous and Action Thriller.
The titles were incredibly simple with a blue colour font. The
 sound was suspenseful.
The scene begins with an over the shoulder shot, the close up shot of a photograph in someone’s hand. The first impression that you get of the movie is from that photograph which consists of a dead body that is covered with blood. We immediately start asking e.g. who killed this person, why and so on.
 Following this scene we are taken back in time,  the scene of the person being killed . Here we see the killer and his sate of mind, which is anger. As we turn back, we find the victims belongings such as the glasses that might have belonged to him. the glasses portray a stereotype, that he must have been clever. We also see a bullet on the floor, which shows that the death was quick. The killer however was not our average killer wearing a ski mask, he was dressed in a suit.

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