Friday, 28 January 2011

Analysis of the structure of an opening

The James Bond films are very famous for the movies but also their opening titles. These film titles are inspiration for when i am making my own thriller opening.
Opening to Quantum of Solace

The James Bond film that i will be analysing is Quantum of Solace (2008), which a a thriller / action film. The style of the titles would belong to the stylized editing category. This is because it is easy to see that they took a lot of time to be created and finished. They also look like no other title sequence. The entire opening lasts for over three minutes which include the use of text and images. 

The titles during the opening are always moving , this connotes the pace of the film, as even the titles cannot be still. The actual text of the movie titles are the same as every other film. It shows the production / distribution crews , the name of the movie ( at 20 seconds) and the main and supporting cast and finally the rest of the crew , including the associate producers , production managers and stills photographer.
More screen grabs of the opening
There are a range of shots in the opening , from close ups , tracking, long shots and panning. There is also use of aerial shots and extreme close ups. The music also plays a big part in the opening. The sound foretells what will happen in the movie , the song is very upbeat and loud, connoting the storyline.

This sequence appeals to me because of the fact that it is stylised. The opening is very unique and doesn't look like any other title sequence. i am impressed by the fact that even though the titles are over three minutes it still seems to keep me interested and wanting to watch the film, i hope to be able to replicate this when making my own thriller opening.

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