Sunday, 23 January 2011

Analysis of chosen thriller:

he loves me, He Loves Me Not ''

 The opening of the clip, immediatly shows what genre the film is. For instance we are drawn with the colour red (Connotation of Love), alongwith red rose, heart shape pillows and hearts in printed on mugs and many more. This is a clear scenario of where she is and what she is feeling. .

The non-digetic sound of the piano suggests a great cheerful atmosphere, you are not drawn to any suspence or sorrow. In contrast If we were to watch an opening of a horror, firstly you will see the dark/shady colours and the creepy backround music, that helps build the scene. However, each peice of musical, sound effect and/or dialogue give away what type of film this is going to be.
Mise En Scene;
The lighting throughout the clip 'he loves me, he loves me not' is filled with few bright colours but mainly the exsistence of Red. The colour imagery has a great deal of happyness. we are drawn to many red hearts and everything associated with it.

 The pace of the clip was quite metural it wasnt fast or slow. As I watched the opening, the pace made it more relaxing for me to watch. There were several Extreme Close Up of the roses, that identified it was going to be a romantic thriller.  

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