Thursday, 16 December 2010

Analysis of Thriller clip

The clip that i will be analysing is one from the movie Jaws. The clip starts off at the beach where the film makers use a technique named 'false sense of security' to make the audience create suspense. We see many people happily enjoying their time at the beach when there is a spotting of a shark. After a mad rush and frantic panic it is found out the shark was infact a prank pulled by two children. People are then calm , but then a woman shouts that she sees a shark, a real shark, so the danger comes flooding back. This is the false sense of security. The suspense continues as two boats , one containing three children and and another containing a man are threatened by the attack of the real shark. They are all thrown into the water and the audience watches as they wait to see what happens. The male is killed and we see his leg fall to the bottom of the sea. Overall this scene is a perfect example of what should happen to make the audience feel suspense within a thriller film.

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