Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION 8- Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Before doing our thriller, or creating our thriller we made an opening to a prelim. The purpose of the prelim was to get us prepared on how to actually do our thriller, it gave us a taste on how it is to use the camera equipment, final cut pro etc. Overall the prelim was enjoyble with my peers, their was great team work, but looking over it we did make a lot of mistake and due to limited time we did mess up a bit like the sound etc.

For both of the thriller opening and the prelim we planned out what we are going to do, like what we are going to need, we brainstormed on a sheet of paper every one contributed to their thoughts and what they through might make it interesting and good.

For both films the next step was we had to do a story board, we all created a story board and wrote down the different shots we are going to be using and how.

Then for our prelim we created an animatic by using jelly babies.
The sound in our prelim was pretty basic but creepy, it stays the same through out. It did work well but we do believe if we had the time we could of choose something better. For our actual thriller we did have time to chose the music, it went very well with our thriller we did have enough time.
The Mise-en-scene for our prelim was in college in the toliets (where she washes her hand), the class room (where the body is). For our actual thriller the setting was in one of my peers house, we filmed in the bathroom, bed room, kitchen and living room (that was where the body was) prelim and thriller little bit idenical when it comes to the dead body. Props we used for our prelim is blood, for our thriller the prop we used was wig, cups, etc.

The sound that was used for our prelim was diegetic which was the chacter saying 'NOO!' and also non diegetic which was the music at the background. For our thriller we didnt use any diegetic sound we only used non diegetic

For editing in our prelim we used slow motion. But for our thriller we used transitions.

For both we used different camera shots like close up, mid shots, over the shoulder shot, point of view shot etc.

Here are the same two shots from our prelim and final film. theses shots are showing how our final film shot is better than the prelim film.

Everyone was organised, we realised that if one person didnt turn up it would of been a devastaster, but forturnately everyone did turn up on tim, team work was excellent everyone participated. From the prelim i have learnt a lot and it was a fantastic experience. And also making the actual thriller was very exciting and watching it on a big screen. All our hard work became successful.

QUESTION 6: Audience feedback and comments- Part 2

On the 5. 04.11 the entire AS media, went to watch our thriller openings in the cinema. This was a fantastic experience as everyone had the chance to see their own thriller on the big screen.

I got a lot of postive and negative feed back, and also video what people thought about our thriller opening.
These are the people i vidoed for feed back.

EVALUATION: 6) Audience feedback and comments (Part 3)

I uploaded our final film, "Duplicate" onto my Facebook account and asked people for feedback. These are the screengrabs of response I got.

EVALUATION 7- What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

EVALUATION 4&5- What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

'Sixx Studios' is a low budget , production company which is also an independent company. The way that this film would be distributed by the company , would be through ; the cinema ( and other private screenings , such as family previews) the internet ( for example social networking websites) and  a release of 200DVDs .

The internet has been lanched to release films, wheather its succesful or not. Here is an example that i have found on you tube how a student has put up their work on youtube and has a lot of views in a short period, its has 6711 views which is a lot. The internet has become a major advantage, people are now movie makers over the net, with sites like Youtube, Facebook, twitter etc,

Our thriller film has been released in this cinema, we watched our thriller infront of all our AS peers and also teachers. It was a hit in such a short period and was realised on 200 DVD.
It has been up on my facebook, to show eveyone and also to get feed back about it.
here is a ScreenGarb of me uploading Dulicate on facebook for some audience feedback

EVALUATION 3- Who would be the audience for your media product?

The target audience for our thriller would be for more older females around 20 and over. The reason its not lower that age is because our thriller is about 'murder' and 'identity theft' and its mainly for that age target, if its for 16 and over thrillers are usually in high school, college etc.

I have created a typical audience member for our thriller movie and below
is about a women in her 20s and how her life is.

Here is her story
'Jennifer, 25 years old, working as an
accountance, she lives with her
flat mate, Greg.  Jennifer likes going to
the cinema in her spare time, watching
action thrillers. Her dress sense can be
smart, always carrying a hand bag with make
up in her bags and all sorts.

Below is how her flat mate Greg
describes her:

EVALUATION 2- How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The main social group our media product represent is a normal women waking up , shes in her bed, in her pjamars, going to the bathroom washing her face then we see her reaching for a wig. This will make the audience think, from normal to this, what is she doing with the wig? We established her being 'normal'with the props around her.

The character into the bathroom everything looks normal until she grabs the wig..

The clothing she is wearing at the beginning is her pjamars, as most women wear when going to bed. Then after wearing her wig, we see her in a different out fit wearing a long black dress.
Just like we see the opening of 'The stepfather' he going to the bathroom and changes his identity.

The Stepfather (obsessed) 
Duplicate (obsessed)